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Enrollment:  47000

Adams Elementary
Ashland Park/Robbins Elementary
Bancroft Elementary
Beals Elementary
Belle Ryan Elementary
Belvedere Elementary
Benson High Magnet
Benson West Elementary
Beveridge Magnet Middle
Bluestem Middle School
Boyd Elementary
Bryan High
Bryan Middle
Buena Vista High School
Buffett Magnet Middle
Burke High
Career Center
Castelar Elementary
Catlin Magnet Elementary
Central High
Central Park Elementary
Chandler View Elementary
Columbian Elementary
Conestoga Magnet Elementary
Crestridge Magnet Elementary
Davis Middle
Dodge Elementary
Druid Hill Elementary
Dundee Elementary
Early Childhood Center at Gateway
Edison Elementary
Field Club Elementary
Florence Elementary
Fontenelle Elementary
Forest Station Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Fullerton Magnet Elementary
Gateway Elementary
Gifford Park Elementary
Gilder Elementary
Gomez Heritage Elementary
Hale Magnet Middle
Harrison Elementary
Hartman Elementary
Highland Elementary
Independent Study Program at Career Center
Indian Hill Elementary
Integrated Learning Program
J.P. Lord
Jackson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Joslyn Elementary
Kellom Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
King Elementary
King Science Magnet Middle
Lewis & Clark Middle
Liberty Elementary
Lothrop Magnet Elementary
Marrs Magnet Middle
Masters Elementary
McMillan Magnet Middle
Middle School Alternative/Secondary Success
Miller Park Elementary
Minne Lusa Elementary
Monroe Middle
Morton Magnet Middle
Mount View Elementary
Multiple Locations
Norris Middle
North High Magnet
Northwest High Magnet
Oak Valley Elementary
Pawnee Elementary
Picotte Elementary
Pine Elementary
Pinewood Elementary
Ponca Elementary
Prairie Wind Elementary
Rose Hill Elementary
Saddlebrook Elementary
School Improvement
Service Center
Sherman Elementary
Skinner Magnet Elementary
South High Magnet
Spring Lake Magnet Elementary
Springville Elementary
Standing Bear Elementary
Student Transportation Center
Sunny Slope Elementary
Teacher Administrative Center
Teacher Administrative Center, Dept of Human Resources
Teen Literacy Center at Career Center
Transition Program South Site
Virtual School Elementary
Virtual School Middle
Virtual School Secondary
Wakonda Elementary
Walnut Hill Elementary
Washington Elementary
Western Hills Magnet Elementary
Westview High School
Wilson Focus School
Yates Ed Partnership

Administrative Offices
Omaha Public Schools

Elementary Schools
Spring Lake

Middle Schools
Beveridge Magnet
Bryan Middle
Buffett Magnet
Davis Middle
King Science Magnet
Lewis & Clark
Marrs Magnet
McMillan Magnet
Monroe Middle
Morton Magnet
Nathan Hale
Norris Middle

High Schools
Benson High
Bryan High
Burke High
Career Center
Central High
North High
Northwest High
South High

Welcome to Omaha Public Schools!
About Omaha Public Schools

Omaha Public Schools: where every child is known, loved, and inspired! As a large urban public school district, our mission is to prepare all students to excel in college, career and life. Our programs are just as diverse as the students we serve. Our district consists of 63 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, 7 high schools, 1 virtual school, and 13 alternative programs. We enroll more than 53,000 students from various ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. We serve more than 17,000 English Language Learners. Our student population speaks 120 different languages. We meet all students where they are. We work with our gifted and talented students by providing a wide array of enrichment programs. Students have opportunities for advanced studies in essentially every subject area, including all core curriculum, music, art and physical education. Students across all grade levels have optimal educational opportunities. Our magnet schools offer special instruction in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), dual language, college readiness, law and global studies. We offer more than 20 career academy programs ranging from urban agriculture and natural sciences to health occupations, culinary arts, zoology, automotive technology, digital video production and welding. We also offer a wide array of programs in visual and performing arts from opportunities like pottery and 3D-design to show choirs and marching bands. We are innovators in the world of educational technology. We are the first district in Nebraska certified to teach digital citizenship. During the 2016-2017 school year, we established the first virtual K-8 school in the state of Nebraska and have since expanded this to K-12. Through online and face-to-face learning opportunities our students are empowered to take ownership of their learning. A well-rounded athletic and physical education program has produced professional athletes and Olympic gold medalists, while instilling in all students the importance of "fitness for life." Our students learn to work and play side-by-side, sharing discoveries and solving problems together. Omaha families value education and expect a great deal from their children and their schools. Our test scores exceed the national average for large school districts. Students have consistently improved test scores on their Nebraska State Assessment (NeSA) tests throughout the past six years. Omaha Public Schools is the third largest employer in the state, with more than 8,000 full-time employees who are involved in the daily operation of our schools. Our teaching staff has an average of 10 years experience and nearly 60 percent hold advanced degrees. Internationally known financier Warren Buffett, annually listed among the wealthiest Americans, has established a coveted award, the Alice Buffett Outstanding Teacher Award, to honor teachers in the Omaha Public Schools. Many of our teachers have won Nebraska Teacher of the Year Awards, Presidential Excellence awards and other national, regional and local citations. For further information, visit our website at or contact us at 531-299-0240