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BelovED Community Charter School
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BelovED Community Charter School
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Welcome to Beloved Community Charter School!

At many truly excellent schools, even the most committed teachers can feel burned out after a few years.

At our schools, we mesh the successful practices of America’s top-performing charter school operators with teacher supports that are designed to avoid teacher burnout, so educators can remain charged and enthusiastic throughout an entire career.

If you want to work in a high-performing urban where you will successfully help inner-city children beat the odds and achieve to their highest potential, if you love the sense of purpose and accomplishment one receives from this extremely meaningful work – but you also want an opportunity to spend time with your own children and to have a life outside of school – then we might be for you.

School Overview

Distinctive elements of the school model include:
• A high-expectations academic culture and a caring school climate
• Positive values, habits, character and community building
• A carefully sequenced curriculum, aligned with all state and common core standards
• Instructional groupings by students’ level of standards mastery, not categorizations of ability
• Teacher-led instruction with extensive professional development support for teachers
• A novel system of class prefects and peer-tutoring
• The extensive use of educator-empowering formative assessments
• A sophisticated academic performance monitoring and parental communication system
• Carefully crafted, non-stigmatizing interventions when a student exhibits difficulty mastering a standard – including tutoring in very small groups from Language Arts/Literacy and/or Math specialists who serve on staff full-time
• A longer school day with more time for critical learning
• Student Life activities that teach confidence, initiative, and leadership
• An academy system that divides the larger school into smaller schools
• In high school, Advanced Placement and college-level courses

The school’s founders are seeking to refine their model in a way that will facilitate its adoption by district-operated public schools and spur improvements in public education far beyond Jersey City.

As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.

Teacher Salary & Benefits
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Additional Benefits Information
Charter schools are public schools. As such, full-time charter school employees receive full medical and pension benefits. In NJ, public school employees must make state-mandated contributions towards these benefits that vary depending upon employee income.