215 South 7th Avenue
Lewistown, Montana 59457

Phone:  (406) 535-7454
Web Site:  Not provided

Administrative Offices
Central Montana Learning Resource Center Cooperative

Welcome to Central Montana Learning Resource Center Cooperative!
ABOUT Central Montana Learning Resource Center Cooperative:
CMLRCC is located in a quaint town nestled among several mountain ranges in Central Montana. The Cooperative consists of 29 schools in the surrounding 6 counties. We serve approximately 440 special education students who are part of the total enrollment of 3,052 students.
ABOUT Lewistown, MT:

1) Affordable housing
2) Safe, family friendly communities with many affordable activities
3) A growing downtown with historic storefronts housing family-owned businesses
4) Short commutes with minimal traffic
5) Affordable child care
6) A variety of outdoor activities (e.g. boating, hiking, hunting, fishing) within 20 minutes of Lewistown, MT.
7) Pristine environment and air quality

Teacher Salary & Benefits
Level Starting Maximum
Bachelors $36,855 $0
Bachelors +30 $39,195 $0
Masters $39,931 $0
Masters +30 $44,205 $0
Employer    Employee
Medical 100% 0%
Dental 100% 0%

Additional Benefits Information
Loan re-payment $2,500 per year for the first three years of employment
15 days paid leave a year
Contribution to TRS by employer and employee
Car provided for traveling to schools within the Cooperative
Mentorship available for new staff