2644 Riva Road
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Logistics Support Office
Academics Strategic Initiatives - Central Office
Accounting - Central Office
Accounting - Food Service
Administration - Central Office
Administration - Central Office
Administration - PIO - Central Office
Administration-Compensatory Ed
Administration-Equity - Central Office
Adv Studies & Prog Bates
Adv Studies & Prog Lindale Middle School
Advanced Studies & Programs - Brooklyn Park Middle
Advanced Studies & Programs - Meade High School
Advanced Studies and Programs - Central Office
Advanced Studies and Programs - Glendale
AFSCME President
Alternative Education - Central Office
Annapolis Elementary
Annapolis High School
Annapolis Middle School
Arlington Echo
Arnold Elementary
Arundel High School
Arundel Middle School
Bates Middle School
Belle Grove Elementary
Belvedere Elementary
Benfield Elementary
Board of Education Office - Central Office
Bodkin Elementary
Broadneck Elementary
Broadneck High School
Broadneck High School/Studio 39
Brock Bridge Elementary
Brooklyn Park Elementary
Brooklyn Park Middle School
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Bus 793
Bus 796
Bus 797
Bus 798
Bus 799
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Bus 888
Bus 890
Bus 891
Bus 892
Bus 893
Bus 894
Bus 895
Cape St Claire Elementary
Carrie Weedon Early Education Center
Carver-Instructional Tech
Center of Applied Tech North
Center of Applied Tech South
Central Elementary
Central Middle School
Central Office
Central Special Education
Chesapeake Bay Middle School
Chesapeake Bay Middle School Level V
Chesapeake Bay Resource Center
Chesapeake High School
Chesapeake Level V
Chesapeake Science Point
Chesapeake Science Point Elementary
Chief Operating Officer - Central Office
Child Find @ Point Pleasant Resource Center
Community Based Services @ Point Pleasant
Corkran Middle School
Crofton Elementary
Crofton High School
Crofton Meadows Elementary
Crofton Middle School
Crofton Woods Elementary
Davidsonville Elementary
Deale Elementary
Department of Instruction - Central Office
Division of Curriculum - Central Office
Division Of Curriculum-A
Division Of Curriculum-B
Division of Human Resources - Central Office
Division of Library Media Serv
Division of Student Support Services - Central Office
Eastport Elementary
Edgewater Elementary
Ferndale Early Education Center
Fiscal Services - Central Office
Folger McKinsey Elementary
Food Service
Fort Smallwood Elementary
Four Seasons Elementary
Freetown Elementary
George Cromwell Elementary
Georgetown East Elementary
Germantown Elementary
Glen Burnie High School
Glen Burnie Park Elementary
Glendale Elementary
Glendale Elementary Regional Program
Hebron-Harman Elementary
Heritage Center
High Point Elementary
Hillsmere Elementary
Hilltop Elementary
Human Resources - Central Office
Infants & Toddler Program
Infants & Toddler Program (OT/PT)
Instructional Equipment Repair
Inventory Management
Jacobsville Elementary
Jessup Elementary
Jones Elementary
Lake Shore Elementary
Legal Office - Central Office
Lindale Middle School
Linthicum Elementary
Logistics Garage
Lothian Elementary
MacArthur Middle School
Magothy River Middle School
Mail Room - Central Office
Mailables - Central Office
Maintenance Office Staff
Maintenance Supply Warehouse
Management & Fiscal Services - Central Office
Manor View Elementary
Marley Elementary
Marley Glen
Marley Middle School
Mary Moss at J. Albert Adams Academy
Maryland City Elementary
Maryland Hall For Creative Art
Mayo Elementary
Meade Heights Elementary
Meade High School
Meade Middle School
Millersville Elementary
Mills-Parole Elementary
Monarch Academy Glen Burnie
Monarch Annapolis
Monarch Global Academy
Nantucket Elementary
North County High School
North Glen Elementary
Northeast High School
Northeast Middle School
Oak Hill Elementary
Oakwood Elementary
Odenton Elementary
Office of Business/Management Services - Central Office
Office Of Instruction
Office of Instruction - Central Office
Office of School Performance - Central Office
Office of the Superintendent - Central Office
Office School Performance - Annapolis Middle School
Office School Performance - Magothy River Middle
Office School Performance - Northeast High School
Office School Performance-Crofton Hs
Old Mill High School
Old Mill Middle School North
Old Mill Middle School South
Old Mill Senior Engineers
Operating Supplies Warehouse
Operations-Facility Engineers
Operations-Pest Management Team
Operations-Preventive Maintenance Team
Overlook Elementary
Park Elementary
Partnerships/Development/Marketing - Central Office
Pasadena Elementary
Pdm-International Family & Community Welcome Center
Pershing Hill Elementary
Phoenix Academy
Piney Orchard Elementary
Planning/Design & Construction
Point Pleasant Elementary
Print and Design Services - Central Office
Professional Development Center-Central Office
Program Planning - Central Office
Purchasing - Central Office
Quarterfield Elementary
Rhl Es Ki At Oakwood Elementary
Richard Henry Lee Elementary
Ridgeway Elementary
Rippling Woods Elementary
Riva Road - Central Office
Riviera Beach Elementary
Rolling Knolls Elementary
Ruth Parker Eason School
School Support Service
School Support Service-BJ
School Support Service-DR
School Support Service-FM
School Support Service-GG
School Support Service-JM
School Support Service-LI
School Support Service-LL
School Support Service-LW
School Support Service-MR
School Support Service-ND
School Support Service-YS
Self Insurance Administration - Central Office
Seven Oaks Elementary
Severn Elementary
Severn River Middle School
Severna Park Elementary
Severna Park High School
Severna Park Middle School
Shady Side Elementary
Solley Elementary
South River High School
South Shore Elementary
Southern High School
Southern Middle School
Southgate Elementary
Special Education
Special Education
Special Education (Special Services) - Central Office
Special Education - Central Office
Special Education-Ot/Pt- Spec Service
Special Education-Spec Service
Staff Development Carver
Student Services - Annapolis Middle School
Student Services - Central Office
Student Services - Severn River Middle
Student Services-Corkran MS
Student Services-Ppw
Student Services-Psych Grants
Student Services-Psychologists
Student Services-Safe And Orderly Schools
Student Services-Social Workers
Studio 39
Sunset Elementary
TAAAC President
Technology - Applications - Central Office
Technology Info Services - Central Office
Technology Information Security
Technology Operations - Central Office
Technology Support Services - Central Office
Telecommunication - Central Office
Third Party Billing - Central Office
Transportation - Central Office
Transportation Lot Office
Transportation Mechanics
Tyler Heights Elementary
Tyler Heights PreK at Georgetown East Elementary
Van Bokkelen Elementary
Waugh Chapel Elementary
West Annapolis Elementary
West Meade Early Ed Center
Windsor Farm Elementary
Woodside Elementary

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Anne Arundel County Public Schools