1550 Main Street
Springfield, Massachusetts 01103
(413) 787-7180

Administrative Offices
Springfield Public Schools
Adult Education Center
Assessment Center
Balliet Elementary
Balliet Pre School
Beal Elementary
Boland Elementary
Bowles Elementary
Brightwood Elementary
Brookings Elementary
Brunton Elementary
Central HS
Central Office - Athletic Department
Central Office - Communications Department
Central Office - Facilities
Central Office - Human Resources
Central Office - Magnet Programs
Central Office - Office of Business and Financial Services
Central Office - Office of Information Technology and Accountability
Central Office - Office of Instruction
Central Office - Office of Instruction (Art)
Central Office - Office of Instruction (ELL)
Central Office - Office of Instruction (English)
Central Office - Office of Instruction (Foreign Languages)
Central Office - Office of Instruction (Math)
Central Office - Office of Instruction (PD)
Central Office - Office of Instruction (Physical Education and Health)
Central Office - Office of Instruction (Reading)
Central Office - Office of Instruction (Science)
Central Office - Office of Instruction (Social Studies)
Central Office - Safety and Security
Central Office - Special Education and Related Services
Central Office - Student Services
Central Office - Trades
Central Office - Transportation
Central Office - Tutoring
Central Office- Family and Community Engagement
Chestnut Academy
Chestnut Admin
Chestnut Talented and Gifted Middle School
Commerce HS
Conservatory of the Arts
Deberry Elementary
Dorman Elementary
Dryden Elementary
Duggan Academy
Early Childhood Center
Ells Elementary
Forest Park Middle School
Freedman Elementary
Gerena Elementary
Glenwood Elementary
Glickman Elementary
Harris Elementary
Homer Elementary
Impact Prep
Indian Orchard Elementary
International Academy-Rebecca Johnson
Kennedy MS
Kensington Elementary
Kiley Academy
Kiley Middle School
Kiley Prep
Legal Services
Liberty Elementary
Liberty Preparatory Academy
Lincoln Elementary
Lynch Elementary
Milton Bradley Elementary
Office of Information Technology and Accountability (Data Center)
Parent and Community Engagement Center
Park, Building, and Recreation
Personalized Pathways at HS of Commerce
Pottenger Elementary
Public Day Elementary
Public Day HS
Public Day MS
Putnam HS
Rebecca Johnson Elementary
Rise Academy
School Operations
Sci Tech HS
South End MS
Springfield Honors Academy
Springfield HS
Springfield Legacy Academy
Springfield Middle School
Springfield Public Schools Administrors
Sumner Elementary
Talmadge Elementary
Van Sickle Academy
Vocational Academy
Walsh Elementary
Warner Elementary
Washington Elementary
White Street Elementary

Assessment, Research & Accountability Department
Business & Finance
Counseling Department
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Early Childhood
English Language Learner
Facilities & Building and Grounds
Human Resources Department
IT & Accountability Positions(non-instruction)
Lunch Supervisor Applications
Office of Information, Technology & Accountability
Office of Instruction
Parent and Community Engagement
Parks & Recreation
Safety & Security
Special Education Department
Springfield Empowerment Zone Administration
Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership Schools
Student Support Services
Substitute Teachers
Superintendent's Office
Transportation Department
Tutors and Homework Assistants

Catherine Street Early Childhood Center

Elementary Schools
Alice B Beal Elementary School
Arthur T Talmadge
Brightwood School
Daniel B. Brunton School
Edward P. Boland School
Elias Brookings School
Frank H. Freedman School
Frederick Harris Elementary School
German Gerena Community School
Glenwood Elementary School
Glickman Elementary
Hiram L. Dorman School
Homer Street School
Indian Orchard Elementary School
Kensington Avenue
Liberty Elementary School
Margaret C. Ells School
Mary A. Dryden Veterans Memorial School
Mary M Lynch
Mary M Walsh
Mary O Pottenger
Milton Bradley School
Rebecca Johnson School
Samuel Bowles School
Sumner Avenue
Thomas M. Balliet School
Warner School
White Street
William N. DeBerry School

K-8 Schools
Alfred G Zanetti

Middle Schools
Chestnut Accelerated Middle School
Chestnut Accelerated Middle School North
Chestnut Accelerated Middle School South
Forest Park Middle
John F Kennedy Middle
John J Duggan Middle
M Marcus Kiley Middle
South End Middle School
Stem Middle Academy
Van Sickle Middle School

Middle/High Schools
Chestnut Accelerated M.S. Talented & Gifted
Springfield Conservatory of the Arts

High Schools
High School Of Commerce
High School/Science-Tech
Springfield Central High
Springfield High School

K-12 Schools
Student Support Assessment & Resource Center

Vocational Centers
Putnam Voc Tech High Sch

Alternative Schools
Balliet Middle School
Gateway to College
Liberty Preparatory Academy
Springfield Public Day Elementary School
Springfield Public Day High School
Springfield Public Day Middle School

Other Locations
The Springfield Renaissance School

Not shown on map:
Office of Student Services & Office of SPED
Springfield Public Schools Adult Education Center
Parks, Buildings and Recreation Management