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"Thanks for your assistance in organizing, identifying and matching the many school in your site that I applied to in my quest for employment. Your agency is a great resource for anyone seeking employment; be it locally, nationally or internationally. I am very grateful for your assistance."
Thomas G. in Manchester, NH

"I applied for over 40 jobs using SchoolSpring, and as a recent college graduate, I found it extremely easy and helpful!"
Kerri M. in Duxbury, NH

"Through SchoolSpring.com I received weekly updates regarding job openings. During the school year I applied to job openings in a geographical area of interest, and after applying to many one came through this summer. Thanks to SchoolSpring.com I am gainfully employed in a location and job that I am content with having. Thanks."
Roger M. in Nashua, NH

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find my new job as a 6th grade teacher. I only have praise for your website. Daily job alerts are fantastic. Make sure you sign up for them. The search will come to you."
Sean N. in Gilford, NH

"Love the daily updates on new matches sent directly to my email; found the site easy to use."
Ramona D. in Stratham, NH

"I will be working as a Behavior Interventionist with children who struggle in the school setting. I did get this job through SchoolSpring.com so this educational position directory works great and is very efficient. It has made applying for positions very easy. Thank you, SchoolSpring.com."
Catherine C. in Monroe, NH

"Thank you so much for having such a comprehensive and high quality service. My experience with your site was rewarding and pleasant. THANK YOU and all your staff."
Sharon P. in Kingston, NH

"SchoolSpring gave me so many opportunities with real and interested schools that made the process of finding a job right after graduation easy and simple. Thank you for all the resources! "
Benjamin W. in Dover, NH

"Super user friendly and current. Thank you!"
Kathryn R. in Wolfeboro, NH

"This continues to be one of the top job search sites. Many Thanks!"
Larry W. in North Haverhill, NH

"Your program was great. I appreciate the help setting up my resume and asking for information that I initially did not think to put in there. Overall, I was very pleased with your web site."
Chris E. in Jefferson, NH

"This website was an invaluable tool in my search for an IT position in the educational field."
Chris F. in Derry, NH

"Thank you SchoolSpring for making it so easy to apply for and track multiple jobs!"
Patricia E. in Merrimack, NH

"Thank you!"
Diana H. in New Ipswich, NH

"SchoolSpring helped streamline my job search. With constant emails for jobs in my field, I was alerted to opportunities well before others. Thank you for helping me find my dream job!"
Jobee O. in Londonderry, NH

"My success story is to keep on trying. It took me two months to get a job after approximately 200 applications and many interviews."
Robin R. in Keene, NH

"I applied last minute to this position and since all of my SchoolSpring materials were basically ready, the application was quick and easy!"
Julie F. in Marlborough, NH

"SchoolSpring is a great way to seek a desired teaching position. It is a quick and easy way to scope a desired position that is comparable to your teaching needs. I would highly recommend SchoolSpring to anyone."
Karen L. in Raymond, NH

"I'm glad to have received as many listings as I did. I wish that more employers would fully subscribe to your service -- that is, I could have applied to more positions merely by forwarding the SchoolSpring info."
Laura K. in Troy, NH

"Keep at it! Got multiple interviews this summer through SchoolSpring. It is a great resource for access to tons of jobs! Will continue to use."
Heath C. in Dover, NH

"Thank you so much, SchoolSpring! I found a good assistant teaching job with benefits!"
Mary S. in Exeter, NH

"Applied online and they called the following day. I had the job within a week and it started the following week. I LOVE the job. It's a perfect fit."
Jordan G. in Charlestown, NH

"Although I did get many interviews through SchoolSpring, the job offer that I ended up accepting was not."
Alyssa R. in Salem, NH

"Thank you SchoolSpring for leading me to my fantastic position with [my new employer]! I am very pleased to have joined the team as the Elementary Special Education Coordinator for the district. I would not have found it without you!"
Bronwyn P. in Concord, NH

"I have always used and loved the thorough convenience of SchoolSpring."
Brianna G. in Portsmouth, NH

"I am glad to get back to teaching a subject I value to kids I enjoy (almost all the time). Thanks to SchoolSpring for keeping me informed of the possibilities."
David E. in Weare, NH

"I found that SchoolSpring was the best place for me to look for teaching positions. I was able to apply for 3 positions and all three resulted in an interview. Two of these resulted in job offers. I recommend this site for any teacher looking for a position."
Paul L. in Peterborough, NH

"I was hired for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year to teach Mathematics. SchoolSpring has been wonderful and I highly recommend it!"
Bruce S. in Hollis, NH

"I would have never known about this opening if I hadn't used SchoolSpring! Thanks!"
Caroline M. in New Boston, NH

"My classmates and coworkers have been telling me nightmare stories about applying to jobs. I found that SchoolSpring was convenient and a quick response. Thank you for helping me find a job in a field and location that I enjoy!"
Elizabeth C. in Ashland, NH

"Signing up for SchoolSpring was the best thing I ever did for my career! So many opportunities, and it made the actual interview process a breeze. I was hired within a few weeks of my sign up. My husband has a profile now as well- we may yet realize our full potential!"
Kelly R. in Hampton Falls, NH

"Thank you SchoolSpring for connecting me with [my new employer]! I am excited to start my career in this new, wonderful city in a new part of the world!"
Shawn R. in Greenland, NH

"SchoolSpring has been amazing in your relentless, excellent referrals as I have job hunted for over a year for a position as a School Psychologist. You readily responded to my numerous questions over this past year, promptly, succinctly and helpfully. Thanks so much for all your help."
Carol M. in Concord, NH

"Thank you for all the job prospects! Your site has been my go-to site for over a year and I found [my new] position on your site. Thank you again."
Susan A. in Salem, NH

"SchoolSpring made the whole process so much easier and applying was just as simple as updating my cover letter and hitting the submit key on my keyboard. I couldn't have done this without SchoolSpring."
Catherine C. in Monroe, NH

"I checked SchoolSpring every day to see new listings, and mailed out many applications. Thank you for your great resource."
Marilyn J. in Hillsborough, NH

"I used SchoolSpring for about 4 months in order to search for a staff position. Meanwhile, I was also applying to schools using other methods. I went on a total of 4 interviews. Each interview was due to a SchoolSpring posting. I recently received an offer for a staff full time position and I could not be happier! Thank you SchoolSpring!!!!"
Frank B. in Atkinson, NH

"This process made job hunting much easier. I am thrilled to have this new position!"
Sharon J. in West Chesterfield, NH

"Loved using SchoolSpring. With all the jobs I was able to apply to I was able to find the one I wanted. Thanks!"
Patrick C. in Hampton, NH

"Thank you for making the process of looking for a new teaching position in the New England area much easier. Once my account was set up I found the task of finding job possibilities much easier to accomplish. I was matched up with several good possibilities and as it happens I got the job I really wanted. Thank you fro providing this excellent service."
Wilma W. in Littleton, NH

"Thank you SchoolSpring! I grumbled over the tedious process of uploading all of my documentation, but it was well worth it! I didn't receive any interview activity until after one school district asked me to complete the college transcript page. As soon as my transcripts were verified, I started receiving phone calls for interviews! I wish every school district in New England used SchoolSpring!"
Lucy C. in Meredith, NH

"Thank you SchoolSpring for delivering me fast and accurate search results! I couldn't have done it without you!"
Kyle P. in Center Barnstead, NH

"I depended on you daily to help me apply to as many jobs as possible. Thank you for your valuable help!"
Lou-Anne C. in Plymouth, NH

"Thank you!"
Cynthia T. in Nashua, NH

"Was able to find a position in my current district, but this website helped with finding other jobs if I moved out of the state."
Drew O. in Dover, NH

"SchoolSpring made it easy to find a job. Thank you."
Michael S. in Nashua, NH

"I was hired as the Executive Director of a charter school in January. The SchoolSpring application process is solely responsible for this success!"
David C. in Manchester, NH

"I found it very helpful to have the weekly updates of possible job opportunities in my area. I would recommend this site for others."
Caitlin S. in Exeter, NH

"Thank you schoolspring for helping me to obtain a position as an ABA Therapist. I believe I will truly be happy!"
Melanie B. in Nashua, NH

"Thanks, for all the job notifications. I have accepted a position. Your site was very helpful in my search."
Jennifer E. in Hollis, NH

"If it weren't for SchoolSpring I'd still be looking for a job! Thank you!"
Mary R. in Newmarket, NH

"Very happy with SchoolSpring for providing me the opportunity to job search to my specifications! I'm very excited about my new job at a local elementary school."
Christine B. in Portsmouth, NH

"SchoolSpring worked for me!"
Kinsley W. in Plainfield, NH

"I have found a wonderful position as a Special Education K-6 Coordinator. SchoolSpring was my gateway to finding a new position that met all my needs and desires! Thank you."
Bronwyn P. in Concord, NH

Iris H. in Nashua , NH

"SchoolSpring publishes job updates as frequently as the job seeker wants and this has made my job search success. If it weren't for the job updates and SchoolSpring's support, I would be stuck in a job and location where I did not want to be. I am highly excited about this new opportunity. Thanks for providing vast job listings and support!"
Carlotta T. in Berlin, NH

"After several months of looking for a new job, I found one. a colleague suggested that I use your website in my search for employment. I find your site very user-friendly and easy to navigate. As I entered the website several times during the week I was able to review the new listing of openings as well as receiving email of specific jobs related to my area. The job I accepted was one posted in your site. Thank you for the services provided."
Roberto R. in Nashua, NH

"This website is fantastic! Everything is organized and employers have easy access to my information. Thanks to SchoolSpring, I have been able to teach music all over New England! Thanks!"
Samantha P. in Nashua, NH

"I made sure all my information was current and applied for a local job. I have been trying to get a local position for a couple years now and finally got a good paying, rewarding position!!!! Thank you Schoolspring!!!"
John S. in Bethlehem, NH

"I found a tutoring job on SchoolSpring.com that led to a full-time teaching position!"
Christina R. in Durham, NH

"Thank you so much for your help! I have been trying to find a job for three years. This web site has helped. Even though the school didn't use SchoolSpring, by posting other education jobs that you found online, I found this job! Thanks again!"
Thelma P. in Northwood, NH

"I got the alert from SchoolSpring that [my new employer] was hiring, and I filled out their application right away. They didn't have the application through SchoolSpring, but it was so easy to have much of the material that I submitted so nice and easy to access through your site. I interviewed and was offered the job!"
Julie F. in Marlborough, NH

"Thank you for the updates and ease of access to schools hiring within my area of expertise and geographical area!"
Sherri S. in Hudson, NH

"I've used SchoolSpring for about two years now and the level of support and quality of information was outstanding. I received postings daily without fail. Highly recommend the site to anyone in education seeking a job."
Clement S. in Campton, NH

"Thank you SchoolSpring! I couldn't have done it without you."
Tim A. in Plaistow, NH

"I was very impressed with the up-to-date job openings and I wished more employers would accept the on-line applications!"
Raymond S. in Rye, NH

"I would not have found this position without the help of SchoolSpring. I had to kiss a lot of frogs, but am really glad to have arrived at my new employer."
John D. in Nashua, NH

"I found my current job on SchoolSpring.com. Although the district did not accept applications directly through the SchoolSpring system, it made one easy place for me to search for jobs."
Sara M. in Pelham, NH

"Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Paul K. in Keene, NH

"I was offered one job that I found through SchoolSpring, but took this other one instead. I always appreciated having the job possibilities sent to me by email. If I ever have a friend needing a teaching position in NH, I will recommend SchoolSpring. Thank you for all the contacts you brought me."
Patricia G. in Barrington, NH

"I found this site very useful. Thanks!"
Nicole K. in Derry, NH

"This is the first time I have used SchoolSpring. Your site is extremely user-friendly and helpful. It is great to have all my information in one place and just a click away for potential employers. Thank you!!"
Linda S. in Littleton, NH

"I loved the updates from this site. Thank you."
Elaine J. in New Hampshire

"Wonderful service. I appreciate the timely and accurate postings. Thank you!"
Andrea K. in Dover, NH

"Thank you for your online job search process. I never had to speak to or meet anyone until the day of my interview. I just showed up and they were expecting me. We had the interview. They loved me and I loved them. Thank you for making it so easy and thank you for being so reliable in your postings. I really appreciate all of the help."
Diana H. in Exeter, NH

"Found out through SchoolSpring and applied. The process through SchoolSpring was seamless! What an amazing service!"
Jennifer W. in Newton, NH

"I applied using SchoolSpring Plus and it made my life so much easier. I also made sure to send the school a hard copy of all my documents, but getting that online application to them as soon as possible made all the difference. I was able to go to the school for a tour and then come back for an interview all before I graduated. I had the job secured the week before my graduation from my masters program. I could not be happier!"
Amy S. in Newmarket, NH

"After interviewing with two schools, I received two offers! Even in this terrible economy it is possible to obtain your dream position!"
Amanda D. in Atkinson, NH

"Thanks to your weekly job alerts, I found the EXACT job that I was looking for. Your search criteria allowed only the job alerts in my field/interest to be sent to me and I was successful in my application process. Thank you!!"
Lori B. in New Hampshire

"I have accepted a teaching position in Nome, Alaska! I leave in one week. I am very excited."
Tim A. in Plaistow, NH

"Appreciate all you do greatly. I felt very well appraised of openings through your e-mail alerts and the "Job Search" feature. Thanks so much!"
John C. in New Hampshire

"Your service was very helpful. Will be back again next spring as the job I have now is just for one year."
Robin M. in Wilton, NH

"You provide a really good and necessary service, thank you."
Jill T. in Londonderry, NH

"I found myself looking for a job due to budget cuts. I never knew about SchoolSpring, but Thank God! It was nice to have all the information in one location. Though it was time consuming to have to enter my transcripts by hand, once that was done the application process was so easy. In a matter of weeks I was hired. Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Jodi R. in Hudson, NH

"SchoolSpring was instrumental in securing 2 jobs for me. The alert messages kept me abreast of what was out there and the search capabilities allowed me to visit the school sites to better prepare myself for applications and interviews. Thanks!"
Suzanne S. in Bethlehem, NH

"Posting my information on SchoolSpring made finding a job easier. Thanks!"
Rachel F. in Rumney, NH

"Thank you for your service. I am now thankfully employed!"
Gloria P. in Nashua, NH

"Thanks for your help!"
Michael C. in Milford, NH

"I started my search a year ago. Without your help, I would not have known about some of the openings that had occurred. Thanks so much for offering this service!"
Joanne M. in Littleton, NH

"Schoolspring was very good with providing information about the area I was looking for jobs in, both geographically and subject-wise. I found a short-term summer job through the service, which gave me some additional funds and some very good experience while I was hunting for a permanent job. I would use this service again."
Louise A. in Merrimack, NH

"SchoolSpring is a terrific organizational tool during the incredibly stressful time of job seeking."
George H. in New Hampshire

"Great service. Thank you!"
Karen M. in Portsmouth, NH

"I found [my new employer] on here! Thank you for such a great service."
Kristen W. in Manchester, NH

"Thanks for the updates- you made my search less stressful!"
Carrie H. in Hillsboro, NH